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White magic Stretch Tape

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Since 2012 ABG Stretch Tape is the OG in the weightlifting game! The combination of fabric and coating technique are so exclusive that have been awarded a UA Patent!

White magic was specially developed to be the ultimate tape for Olympic lifting. Its perfect for wrapping the thumb to improve the hook grip, wrapping an entire palm to protect a torn callus or around a shin to prevent barbell cuts.

At first glance it appears to be common cohesive tape which is available everywhere. Cohesive tape are designed to stick to themselves and not stick to hair, wounds or skin like a pre-wrap. This is NOT beneficial for weightlifting. ABG stretch tape is an adhesive tape, which by design will stick to your thumb and not move during training.

Manufacturing of ABG stretch tape have been done by stitching a unique elastic thread into a very light weight cotton fabric with an unusual weave  pattern which ultimately gives the tape the best feel while maintaining strength. Next, the adhesive is applied in a very specific quantity, using a proprietary technique which allows a small portion of adhesive to bleed through the fabric. This feature is the reasons why it sticks so well to you and itself!

Durables flexible, water resistant, light weight, effortless to hand tear with maximum adhesive and grip make this tape unique in the field.

It will not slide off during heavy lifts, last entire workouts and stay on even with tremendous sweating or even getting wet. All this while remaining flexible for a perfect grip. It's like Magic.

100 % Made in USA!

Each roll is : 2'' x 20' ( 5 cm x 609 cm ).