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Bear KompleX Core Exercise Mat

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  • THE ULTIMATE SIT-UP ACCESSORY - Optimize your core workout and get the most out of every sit up with the Bear KompleX Ab Mat. Measuring 14.2" x 11.8", the contoured design and high-density foam packing of this mat gives you both comfort and lumbar support. Work your entire abdomen. Feel the burn with each crunch. Get the body you desire. 
  • EXERCISE WITH FULL RANGE OF MOTION - The contoured design is specially crafted to fit your lower back, isolate your ab muscles, and give you a full range of motion from top to bottom. Ideal for crunches, leg lifts and sit ups for both fitness fanatics and exercise newbies alike. A full range of motion helps you gain core muscle more effectively. Use your mat for Crossfit, home exercises and gym time.
  • FIRM & SUPPORTIVE - Most other ab mats are too soft to offer real support or too hard to be comfy. Our Bear KompleX Ab Mat is packed with high-density foam to offer you maximum support. This is combined with a design that gives you just enough comfort to keep you focused on your workout. Maintain form, minimize injuries, end lumbar pain and work out without back pain.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & BUILT TO LAST - Take it to the gym, put it in your car, and move it around your home with ease. The lightweight design of your new Ab Mat is travel-friendly, easy to store, and features a non-slip bottom that keeps it firmly in place when being used. This Ab Mat is also robustly built to give you years of reliable action through every single workout!

    Elevate Your Core Strength...One Crunch At A Time

    • Measures 14.2" x 11.8"
    • Lightweight & travel friendly
    • Long-lasting durable design
    • Easy-clean PVC leather cover
    • Gives you full range of motion for sit ups
    • Great for Crossfit, home workouts & the gym